About Us

EXOPRO lubricants are blended with virgin base oils and produced to meet or exceed OEM vehicle specifications using only the latest advanced additive technology to ensure complete engine and transmission protection.

There are currently over 50 EXOPRO grades available comprising Low SAPS, fully Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic and Mineral engine oils along with premium gear and transmission oils. Products are available in a range of sizes from bulk to IBCs to 199L, 20L, 5L & 1L packs.

All EXOPRO products are supported by a quality guarantee of being of "parts of matching quality" under European Block Exemption Regulations. These lubricants can be used for vehicle servicing without invalidating the vehicle or replacement parts warranty, providing the application is as given in the EXOPRO Technical Data Sheet.

The new exclusive brand also features distinctive packaging, providing consumers with clear indications as to the product’s grade, benefits and capabilities.