75W-80 EPZ FS

Recommended for use in all types of ZF manual and automated manual transmissions fitted to commercial vehicles. This includes AS Tronic, eTronic, Ecosplit, Ecomid and Ecolite units

  • Very long service life
  • Excellent oxidative and thermal stability
  • Outstanding low and high temperature performance
  • Fuel saving benefits

Recommended for use in: ZF TE-ML 01L, 02L, 08, 16K, 02A, 02B, 02D, 02E, MAN 341 Type Z-4, Z-3, Z-2, Z-1, 341 Type E-3, E-2, E-1, 341 ML, 341 N, Volvo 97305, 97307, MB 235.4, Eaton Europe 300,000 km or 3 years, API GL-4, Military MIL-L-2105

Part Number Pack Quantity
U309D20L 20LTR
U309B199L 199LTR